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Stakeholder Committee

For the Building Industry’s General Agreement (hereinafter, General Agreement) to meet the needs of the sector, its signatories have provided for the formation of a Stakeholder Committee to the General Agreement (hereinafter, Committee).

The Committee shall include four representatives from each Party: four trade union representatives and four employers’ representatives:

  1. Baiba Blodniece, as an Employers’ representative
  2. Valdis Birkavs, as an Employers’ representative
  3. Andris Berzins, as an Employers’ representative
  4. Normunds Grinbergs, as an Employers’ representative
  5. Egils Baldzens, as a Workers’ Union representative
  6. Natalja Preisa, as a Workers’ Union representative
  7. Ieva Gretere, as a Workers’ Union representative
  8. Martins Dunskis, as a Workers’ Union representative

The Committee shall review issues related to the implementation and application of the General Agreement and the proposed amendments to the General Agreement, including changes in the minimum wage and the minimum per hourly rate, at least once every calendar year from the date when the General Agreement becomes applicable. The Committee is authorized to sign any amendments, additions and termination clauses of the General Agreement.

The decisions of the Committee require the presence of all its representatives and shall be unanimous. The Committee acts in accordance with Chapter 3 of the General Agreement and the Committee’s rules of procedure. The Committee shall appoint a responsible body to act as the Secretariat. The Partnership of the Latvian Building Contractors shall act as the Committee’s Secretariat until March 31, 2020.

The Committee meetings shall be recorded in writing and its decisions shall be made public:

Record of Committee Meeting No 1 of April 17, 2019;

Record of Committee Meeting No 2 of May 30, 2019;

Record of Committee Meeting No 3 of July 31, 2019;