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Latvian Building sector trade union (LBNA)

Is a voluntary, independent, democratic, public organisation that shall express, represent and defend the labour rights and other social and economic rights and interests of its members (employees). LBNA shall bring together employees involved in the complete construction process starting from the preparation of construction projects, engineering investigation, elaboration of construction plans, construction work and production, improvement, maintenance, restoration and dismantling of construction products, as well as others who have voluntarily chosen to join the trade union, including students.

The objective of the LBNA shall be to unite its members for collective action to act as one in order to fulfil the justified needs and demands of each and all members by expressing opinion and defending their economic, social and professional rights and interests.


LBNA on individual, company and industry level

On individual member level - consults in questions regarding labour rights and work safety. LBNA offers its members training in work safety, labour rights, social issues. Members have insurance that covers individuals civil and professional responsibility. LBNA helps to resolve individual legal disputes with employer, evaluates employer’s decision to terminate employment.

On company level – helps to unite employees by creating a professional organisation within workplace. Concludes collective agreements, agreements and contracts with employers. Helps to resolve collective legal disputes that occurs when a collective agreement is being modified or is ending. Settles disputes of collective interest when it is not possible to conclude a collective agreement.

On industry level – concludes general agreements, agreements and contracts with employers, employer groups, employer organisations or associations of employer organisations, as well as state institutions, municipalities, public and other organisations. Participates within the framework of its competence, in the elaboration of draft legislation and draft documents for policy planning and to provide opinions on these drafts.

LBNA in Latvia is a member of Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia (LBAS). LBNA in Europe is a member of The European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW) which unites trade unions in 34 countries. In the World LBNA is a member of Building and Wood Worker's International (BWI).