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LBNA members are employees involved in the complete construction process starting from the preparation of construction projects, engineering investigation, elaboration of construction plans, construction work and production, improvement, maintenance, restoration and dismantling of construction products, as well as others who have voluntarily chosen to join the trade union, including students.


Join LBNA in 5 simple steps:

  1. Get acquainted with our  Articles of Association;
  2. Fill the application form;
  3. Sign the application form and give it to a representative of LBNA or send it via post to LBNA office: Bruņinieku street 29/31, Riga, LV-1001, Latvia;
  4. Pay membership fee* 30 euros per three months to LBNA bank account: : LV29UNLA0002000695996; SEB bank; Swift: UNLALV2X; LBNA Reg.no. 40008043826. Payment comment: “Name Surname membership fee”;
  5. Receive an email of confirmation on becoming a member.


Member rights & responsibilities

Rights: To receive consultations regarding economic, legal, judicial issues and matters related to the trade union. Participate in trainings, seminars and other events organized by LBNA. To receive support from the LBNA, within the framework of its competence, in the dialogue with the employer, state institutions, municipalities, public and other organisations. To express opinion and give recommendations in order to promote the activity and achieve the objectives of the LBNA. To stay a member of LBNA in case of termination of employment.

Responsibilities: To uphold the Articles of Association and decisions of the LBNA institutions. To regularly pay membership fee* in accordance with the procedure laid down by the LBNA. To promote the consolidation of the LBNA’s unity and the achievement of its objectives. Refrain from activities having a detrimental effect on the interests and prestige of the trade union.


*Membership fee:

  • for employed individual members shall be EUR 30 (thirty euro and zero cent) per quarter,
  • for the trade-union members who use the centralised membership payment (payment via the accounting system of the employer), it shall constitute 1 % (one per cent) of their gross monthly salary,
  • the membership fee shall not be collected from unemployed students of vocational and higher education institutions until their graduation from the education institution.